What Drives Our Curriculum?

Our School Vision


The apostle Paul encouraged his apprentice, Timothy, to “not let anyone look down on you because you are young” and to “set the example in what you say and in how you live.” In the same way, at Winchcombe Abbey, we seek for all of our pupils to set a godly example in all they think, speak and do. In light of this, we believe that our pupils will go on to flourish beyond our school and set the example for their friends, family and communities.


As a result of our Christian faith at Winchcombe Abbey, we recognise our responsibility to show love and respect to all. We, therefore, desire to enrich the lives of the individuals and families within our school and wider community. 


In light of this, our school family provides a purposeful, creative and memorable curriculum, which values the uniqueness of every child. Rooted in Christian values, our ambitious curriculum, inspires a life-long love of learning and serves to prepare all children for the future by encouraging them to be curious, resilient and independent individuals. In this way, our curriculum instils in our children the courage to be all that they can be as children of God. 


Our carefully planned and resourced curriculum encourages each child to ASPIRE to be the best that they can be. With this in mind, our approaches to teaching and learning empower children to understand that even though they are young, there are no limits to what they can achieve. As a consequence of this, our pupils SEEK the answers to big questions about the world around them and reflect on their place within it. Our curriculum facilitates this by ensuring that their understanding is grounded in the wisdom of the past and filled with high expectations for the future. 


Finally, our vibrant curriculum enables our pupils to grow and flourish in what they BELIEVE, not only about themselves but about others and the world in which they live. This development and growth are the result of a rigorous and inclusive curriculum which challenges all pupils and promotes the understanding that all children can ACHIEVE success. 

Curriculum Drivers


Our curriculum has been designed around the four Curriculum Drivers in our school vision.  


Winchcombe Abbey pupils will aspire to be the best that they can be in all areas of their learning.  Through their studies, children's resilience and confidence will grow so that they can see their potential fully realised and are ready for the wider world.  Pupils will be self-motivated as a result of a culture of high expectations.



Winchcombe Abbey pupils will seek the answers to big questions about the world around them and reflect on their place within it.  Through the units studied, children's curiosity will be provoked and their eyes will be opened to the world and its possibilities.  Pupils will develop their understanding of the world - both past and present - as they explore the diversity of experiences, views and beliefs within society.  They will learn how to engage with other contexts and develop their ability to ask and answer questions within a range of learning contexts.



Winchcombe Abbey pupils will grow and flourish in what they believe, not only about themselves but about others and the world in which they live.  As a result of developing an understanding of themselves and believing in their own potential, they will learn to celebrate the differences and diversity present within the school and the wider world.  This self-awareness will enable them to learn with an open-mind within a range of contexts and provide the opportunity for pupils to articulate their own views and beliefs.



Winchcombe Abbey pupils will achieve success as a result of our rigorous and inclusive curriculum, built on a knowledge-rich foundation which prepares children for life and work in the wider world.  Pupils will learn to apply their skills and communicate their knowledge and understanding for a range of audiences and purposes. As a result of their learning, children will recognise and celebrate their success and those of their peers across and beyond the curriculum.