Friends of Winchcombe Abbey

The Friends of Winchcombe Abbey Primary School have a website at:


What are Friends? 

Every parent/carer of a child at our school is automatically a Friend.

The Friends of Winchcombe Abbey is in essence the Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) which exists to "engage in activities or provide facilities or equipment which support the school and advance the education of the pupils". We are a registered Charity and have our own constitution.

Meetings are held regularly for parents and staff, either face to face in a local venue or via video conference.  During the meetings we review funds raised and organise events for the school.  

If you would like to get involved please email us as or speak to Tamara Brooks, Sarah Roscow or Sarah Smith.


Please use this link for all your shopping:

Over 700 retailers will provide the Friends with money to support the school by just using this link to shop on-line.  

Such a simple way to raise funds for the school with no effort - a simple weekly grocery shop completed weekly by supporters could literally raise thousands of pounds if multiple supporters use the link weekly.


Recent Events

Like many charities Covid had an impact on the Friends ability to raise funds for the school and resulted in our traditional events such as the Summer Fete not being able to take place.

Now restrictions have been lifted we will be able to (volunteers depending) organise some of the larger events loved by all who attend.

We have however, managed to put on some great events over the last few years,  such as the Winchcombe Easter Egg Hunt, Smarties Challenge and the School Disco. Bingo and Quiz nights have also been organised.  All of the events have been great fun to participate whilst also raising funds for the school.


Current Aims

The school really benefits from our financial support.  For the past few years, we have subsidised school trips, provided books, funded specific projects, eg. the reception area mural and made 'Class Monies' of £300 per class available to each class teacher to spend on specific projects or trips.  

Our fundraising target is £15,000 for new laptops.


We need your help!

Many hands make light work - please think about joining our next Friends meetings and getting involved.  Your help and support will make such a big difference to our fundraising and support our fantastic school. 


Matched funding - if any parents/carers work at a company that offers matched funding we would really appreciate your support with our events - it could make a huge difference to our fundraising efforts.