Collective Worship


As a church school we believe passionately that Collective Worship has an important role to play in the life of our school.  It is a time when we come together as a community, whether that be as a year group, a Key Stage or as the whole school in order to worship God and reflect on our place in God's world.  Collect Worship at Winchcombe Abbey, aims to provide pupils the opportunity:


  • to worship God;
  • to consider spiritual and moral issues and to explore their own beliefs;
  • to encourage participation and response, whether through active involvement in the presentation of worship or through listening to and joining in the worship offered;
  • to develop community spirit, promote a common ethos and shared values, and reinforce positive attitudes. 


Our Collective Worship is an inclusive part of our school day, which offers everyone the opportunity to engage whilst allowing the freedom for those of other faiths and none to be present with integrity. Collective Worship allows children the opportunity to reflect on their place in the world and how they can make a difference in the world today. 


During Collective Worship, we root our values in a bible passage to explore the relevance of Jesus' teaching in our world today.  We focus on a new value each week and a new bible story each week too.  We use a variety of different elements in our worship including liturgy, singing, teaching,prayer, silence and reflection. We also talk and reflect on world events such as Remembrance and Mental Health Awareness.   


On a Monday, Mrs Johnson leads worship and introduces our value. On Tuesday's we have worship with our Key Stages or in our classrooms . On Wednesday, our worship is lead by someone from our parish church.  We alternate between going to church and church visiting us. On Thursday, Mrs Turner takes us for Hymn Practice. We love singing and learning new songs with her. Friday's are Celebration Worship and an opportunity to celebrate the amazing things we have done in school.