Parent Support

Useful Websites

There are a number of websites which may help to support you and your family. The tabs above have been sorted into topics although some sites will cover a broad range of topics.



Solihull Approach Parenting Course


As you know:

  • We believe parents are their children's first and most important educators.
  • We are committed to developing a strong relationship between Parents and School.
  • We also encourage children to develop 'growth mind-sets', in which they believe that ability and success are not pre-determined, but due to learning


We are therefore delighted to extend a growth and learning opportunity that we are piloting as a staff group in school to you as parents and carers as well.

We have invested in a multi-user licence for an award winning, quality marked, evidence based online course by the Solihull Approach (a national NHS organisation) and are therefore delighted to offer you FREE indefinite access to the course, normally £39 per person. The licence is valid until 30 Nov 2017 so please take advantage of this fantastic resource while you can.


Sign up for a secure account on  and insert coupon code: WINCHABBDEC17


See link below about how to use the coupon code. We welcome your feedback.


We hope that this course will help you at home, but will also show you how we are understanding children’s emotional needs and behaviour in school. For further information about the course visit