Year 3/4

Tudor Day!
Today LKS2 had their landing day where we celebrated everything we had learnt this term about the terrible Tudors! Our mischievous elf, Elfie had left us a Tudor baking recipe for Jumble biscuits. We had lots of fun weighing and mixing all the ingredients to make yummy biscuits! We then spent some time looking at the wonderful Tudor projects, Elfie was impressed with how much work everyone had put in! We took it in turns to look at everyone's projects and we shared our favourite part with the class. We also had a go at writing with ink and a quill and made some Tudor houses!

Miss Mackenzie teaches Y3/4, assisted by support teacher Mrs Bullock.



Lower Key Stage 2 went back in time to see what life was like in Tudor Times! We travelled to Stratford upon Avon, the home of Shakespeare to Tudor World. When we arrived we were greeted by William Shakespeare, we couldn't believe it! He kindly took us on a tour of his home town where we saw his school, where he lived with his family and where he was buried. The buildings had so much character and are very different to the ones we live in today. After our tour, we had went to some workshops to learn more about life in Tudor times. We found the crime and punishment workshop interesting and exciting and are extremely glad that punishment has changed today! We learnt about life as a sailor, the dreaded plague and of course Henry the VIII. It was a great day to kick start our topic and we cannot wait to learn much more about Tudor life. 

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