Year 2

Mrs Turner teaches the Year 2 class assisted by support teacher Mrs Jeffries.



Mrs Turner
 Mrs Jeffries

General Home Learning Guidance

Intriguing skittles!


We had a fantastic time asking questions to find out more in Science today. We spilled some water over skittles and look what happened! We began asking questions to see if it would change the colours in the water. Things like: 


  • Would it make a difference if the skittles were all the same colour?
  • What would happen if we put the skittles in the middle?
  • What if the water was cold? 


We tested out some of these questions at the end and observed the differences. 

Pop, Whizz, Bang - topic launch!


Key Stage One had a magical start to the Spring term! We arrived at school as normal... went into worship as normal... but we stayed in the hall longer than usual to watch a film: 'Alice in Wonderland' to start our new topic. Things then got stranger and stranger. Mrs Turner arrived in the hall to say that there had been something wonderful going on in the classrooms. When we arrived, we had to swirl down the twinkling rabbit hole and we discovered that the Mad Hatter had set up a tea party! We looked for clues and noticed that he had spilt his tea over one of the biscuits which had made it go soggy. We came up with various questions about this and decided to investigate these in different groups. We are finding out later in the week what has happened to our gingerbread biscuits within our different experiments! 

Off on an adventure - Landing Day Fun!

To celebrate our topic of 'Explorers' we went on our own adventure. We went on a (very muddy!) walk around Winchcombe. We had a go at using our map reading skills learned in Geography lessons to navigate our way across the fields and along the footpaths. The compasses helped us work out which way North was. When we got back to school, we tried some of the foods that Edward Wilson might have taken on his expedition to the South Pole... the SPAM was a big hit! 

Cooking with the Kitchen Team!


We had a great time practising our skills of peeling, grating and chopping. We helped to prepare some ingredients for an Autumn vegetable soup - similar to the soup made in 'Pumpkin Soup' by Helen Cooper which we read before getting stuck in. We are really looking forward to trying it! 

Year Two's Golden Day!


Year Two had a fantastic time being wild things whilst celebrating our Golden Day. We achieved all of our class marbles so the children chose to have a day exploring the story 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak. We created our own crowns like Max and became wild things for the day - making wild things out of all sorts of things that were hiding in the junk modelling cupboard. 

Print Mania!


In Maths we have begun our learning journey about 3D shapes. We began by finding 3D shapes in the world around us, using shape mats to help us recognise their names. We have now started to describe 3D shapes using their properties. Today, we explored 'faces' and discovered that 3D shapes have 2D shapes on their faces. We used printing to discover what these shapes were... which led to some very interesting discussions about the shapes of the faces on a cone and a cylinder!



Exploring Edward's Belongings!

Edward Wilson's watercolours
Curious about the tie press
Wilson's snow shoes
Discovering Wilson's glasses
Unwrapping the tie press
Edward Wilson's watercolours
Giving the glasses a closer inspection!

Wonderful RE

Having a go at some Arabic writing using ink
Having a go at some Arabic writing using ink
Having a go at some Arabic writing using ink
Having a go at some Arabic writing using ink
Having a go at some Arabic writing using ink
Having a go at some Arabic writing using ink
Having a go at some Arabic writing using ink
Some of the Islamic names for Allah
Some of the Islamic names for Allah
Some of the Islamic names for Allah

Latest News!


Monday morning was no ordinary morning for Year Two! The children arrived at school to find snow, polar bear fluff and a messy classroom! After looking for clues, we realised that the polar bear had visited from Lyndsay Ward's 'Please Bring Balloons', requesting that we give him some balloons. We learned that our new topic, 'Explorers' is all about going on adventures and learning about famous people who have been on their own explorations all over the world. After reading the story, we used collaging techniques to create our own balloons to give to Polar Bear. In the afternoon, we used watercolours to create images of places that we would like to explore. When we returned to school on Tuesday there was a note from Polar Bear explaining that they had used the balloons we had made them for their very own polar bear party, just like in the story. We are looking forward to writing our own stories which will follow on from 'Please Bring Balloons'!