Thoughtful Thursday


Children across the school were in contemplative mood on Thoughtful Thursday.  They were asked to research the meaning of the different values we embrace in school. Reception children were given Truth, Year One Compassion, Year 2 Courage, Year 3 Forgiveness, Year 4 Responsibility, Year 5 Respect and Year 6 Fairness and Humility. Mrs Springett and Governors want to make these values central to the school’s philosophy. They will be embedded in the school’s ethos which will replace the current school rules.


At the end of the day, each class gave a short presentation in assembly to explain and illustrate their values using drama, songs and art. Year 6 children illustrated humility by preparing a powerpoint presentation and also by acting out a sports match where a team did better when they pulled together rather than each member thinking they were the best. Another scene involved a ‘teacher’ sharing out sweets demonstrated fairness. The children also reflected on the unfairness of children in Afghanistan having to grow up in the midst of continuous warfare.