Summer Term

African Adventures

During the first week back of the Summer term, we had the take off day to celebrate our new topic 'African Adventures'. We began the day with a drumming workshop where we learned about how people in Africa may have traditionally communicated with people in neighbouring villages. In Geography, we learned that Africa is a continent made up of many countries. We used 'Google Earth' to discuss the landscape and climate of the different countries before zooming in on Kenya to describe what a rural African village might be like. In Art we used shading techniques like cross-hatching to sketch the other half of an animal's face - these are going to make a great display at the entrance to our classroom. With the whole of Key Stage One, we took part in running the first mile to Africa. As a Key Stage, we are going to try and run the distance to Africa by totaling up the miles we run or walk in and out of school together. Watch this space to see how we get on!