Summer 2 - Wild Art

Wild Art Summer Challenge
Our Art Challenge this term is all about getting outside and enjoying the beauty of nature. While you are out and about on your daily exercise, or at home in your garden, we would love you to create a piece of art using natural materials you find on the ground.
George and Lara created this beautiful artwork while out and about in Winchcombe.  A super range of natural materials here! What a great way to start our challenge smiley
We love Beau's Andy Goldsworthy inspired art!  A great choice of colours, shapes and textures really make this stand out.

Charlotte and Kimberley had the wonderful idea of using fossils to make a picture.  The fossils were collected on the banks of the River Severn and combined to make these super pictures.


Charlotte's picture is called 'Fossil Seaside at Night' and she has combined fossils to make a dragonfly, seahorse, crab, octopus and puffer fish.

Kimberley's picture is called 'Starry Night'.  Look at the amazing star-shaped fossils!
Year 2's Mrs Jeffries has been busy creating a whole collection of wild art!  What a super variety of materials; how many different natural objects can you see?
Freddie combined the beautiful pink snap dragon flowers which had fallen off the plants in his garden, with a pine cone discovered on a walk to make this stunning creation. Well done Freddie, we love it!
Sofia has been busy finding natural materials in her garden to create her own rainbow.  We love the finished creation Sofia!
Isabel and Amelie have been creative with Amelie's shell collection and made these beautiful pictures with other materials they found on walks around Winchcombe.  We love how well you've framed your pictures girls!