Spring Term

Enchanted Kingdoms

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Enchanted Kingdom

Welcome the the Enchanted Kingdom! Year Two arrived at school to a trail of sweets. What a surprise! We followed the trail and it led us to a gingerbread house and a basket which was filled with clues to the story that we'll be focusing on in English - Hansel and Gretel. We then spent the morning completing a fairy tale hunt. We were given clues on candy canes and we had to guess which fairy tales they were describing. We're really looking forward to exploring more traditional tales as well as completing lots of Geography and Science as part of our 'Enchanted Kingdom' topic.

DT Winding Mechanism

We have greatly been enjoying our topic of 'The Enchanted Kingdom'. We've taken a real interest into all things magical and have written our very own fairy tales after exploring 'Hansel and Gretel'. As part of our Design and Technology curriculum, we created some portcullis'. These involved a winding mechanism to raise or lower the portcullis. We had to measure out how long the piece of doweling needed to be to ensure it covered the length of the box and then use a handsaw to cut it in the right place. We also designed the back of the box to represent a castle. Take a look at our awesome creations!

Fairy Tale Crime Scene!

We arrived on Tuesday morning to a fairy tale crime scene! On closer investigation, we realised that the clues were all pointing to Goldilocks and the Three Bears - bowls of porridge, different sized cups of tea, different potion bottles of foam. We re-enacted what we thought might have happened using a drama technique called 'Freeze Framing'. It soon became apparent that not all was what it seemed! Two 'Gs' had been written in shaving foam and we believe that it might have been Gretel and Goldilocks trying to trick us into thinking it was the three bears. Some of us also had other ideas as to who it could have been. Throughout the week, we planned and wrote newspaper reports to report on what had happened! 

Landing Day

In Key Stage One, we very much enjoyed our landing day to celebrate our topic of 'The Enchanted Kingdom'. Firstly, in Year Two, we began by completing a Science investigation to help the King of the land. We were deciding whether some solids could change shape or not to help him with which items he could transport to the banquet in small tubs. It got a bit messy when the Angel Delight and jelly came out! We learned that the shape of some solids can change and some can even go back to their original shape. We then learned a dance which we shared in the afternoon at the banquet - we had a great time learning moves that are different to how we might dance today! We had to track the beat of the music really carefully. We have all enjoyed this topic and are looking forward to finding out what next term holds!