Spring Term

WALT: observe closely

Today year one did the skittles experiment.

We created a skittle pattern on a white plate and added warm water. The Skittles mixed together to create a beautiful rainbow.  We looked closely to observe the changes as the water cooled down. 

WALT: follow a set of instructions.

Today Year one created a marvellous medicine like George! We had lots of ingredients that we had to mix together to make our medicine.

We had to follow instructions as a group to make sure it was in the right order. We had to listen out for bossy verbs so that we knew what to do.

We had a great time mixing up the ingredients and watching what happened.

DT Project: make a moving vehicle

This term year 1 have been making a moving vehicle for Alice. Alice from Alice in Wonderland sent us a letter asking us to build her a car to take her to the Mad Hatters tea party. We of course agreed!

We started off with planning our vehicles thinking about what we would need to make it move. We explored different moving toys and made a checklist- wheels, a body, axels, axel supports and a way to secure the wheels on.

To do this we did an experiment with different materials to secure the wheels on the axels. We tried: blue tack, pegs, paper and red tape. We decided that red tape worked the best.

Then we started to make our boxes. First we painted our boxes to make them look exciting. Once they were painted, we had to saw the axels using a hand saw to ensure that it was the right size. Then we used a glue gun (with an adult of course) to attach our wheel axels and headlights.

Finally we evaluated our design and final product. We thought about what we had done really well and what we could do to make it even better.

Have a look at our amazing work.


WALT: measure using non standard units of measurement

Today we explored how to measure items in the classroom using cubes. We used the language of longer and shorter to describe the length of the objects. We had LOTS of fun measuring using cubes!

Spring term timetable

On Wednesday the 8th of January KS1 had their take off day for our new topic: POP WHIZZ BANG!

First we went into the hall to watch a clip from Alice in Wonderland where she fall down the rabbit hole and a clip from the Mad Hatters tea party. As we walked back to our classroom we realised that something had happened to our classroom door. Instead of a door there was rabbit hole! So we decided to crawl through it. It was very exciting. When we got into our classroom there was a tea party set up with lots of interesting things to look such as lights, cakes, different potions with different liquids and a message from the Mad Hatter asking us to conduct an experiment.

We looked at what was at our tea party and noticed three gingerbread men in 3 different liquid, Milk, Oil and Vinegar. As class we decided to do an experiment on which Gingerbread man would last the longest and we all made a prediction.

In the afternoon we made Mad Hatters hats using black card and ribbon. These were a bit tricky but we showed great resilience. Then we moved on to Music. We listened to ‘The Mad Tea Party’ from the original film and created Morse code music to show short and long sounds. We used a dot for a short sound and line for a long sound.

We had the most brilliant day!