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Enchanted Kingdoms

Click below to download a copy of our curriculum map.

Enchanted Kingdoms

Click below to download a copy of our curriculum map

Enchanted Kingdoms

Today we launched our new topic ‘Enchanted Kingdoms’! When we arrived at school today there was a trail of marshmallows leading us to a gingerbread house and lots of clues about our new Topic. There was also an envelope with our new Talk for Write in it. Our new Talk for Write is Hansel and Gretel. We started to learn this and we will be adding actions to the story to help us remember it! We then explored different Traditional tales and thought about the differences and similarities with in the different tales. After break time we had the challenge of a fairy tale hunt. On lollipop sticks we had clues to a fairy tale. We had to match it to the name of the fairy tale on our sheet. Our final challenge of the morning was to design the best Gingerbread houses! The only rule was that they had to be covered in sweets!

The Sheep Joins Forest Friday

On Friday, the sheep accompanied Miss Palmer’s and Miss Mackenzie’s year 1s into the forest!

He watched over them carefully and helped to count them in and out of the forest.

In the forest, the children were exploring the area, making dens and had a phonics challenge to complete (the sheep helped of course!)

Mrs Thatcher talked about how important the sheep is and its biblical meaning. The children were careful not to get mud on the sheep! They loved having this special visitor to help them in the forest!

Golden Day

We have greatly been enjoying our topic of 'The Enchanted Kingdom'. As part of our Golden day we created some castles with a portcullis. In line with our DT curriculum, these involved a winding mechanism to raise or lower the portcullis. We had to measure out how long the piece of doweling needed to be to ensure it covered the length of the box and then use a handsaw to cut it in the right place. We also designed some characters to appear in our castles. Take a look at our awesome creations!