School Values

We have drawn up a set of core values in conjunction with staff, children and govenors which permeate the whole school and its ethos. The way we act and the way we expect the children and parents to act are based on these tenets.


These are:

Respect, Courage, Humility, Forgiveness,

Truth, Fairness, Responsibility, Compassion 


We ensure that children across the school understand these core values on a practical level.  Every school year begins with a series of lessons on how these values will be demonstrated as individuals, class and whole school body. Thereafter, each week we  focus on one particular value through our worship and class work.


We have a SMART chart of behaviour that is displayed in all classrooms and reinforced throughout teaching and learning.


S Show politeness and consideration for others 

M Make it easy for everyone to learn and teach 

A Act safely 

R Respect the school and its surroundings 

T Talk to an adult if behaviour of others is unacceptable