The Maths Curriculum

The school uses a range of materials to deliver an engaging and balanced curriculum, focusing on each child's individual needs. We learn through 'small steps learning journeys' which ensure that every child within the class is on the same progression together, deepening their understanding as appropriate to their need. Alongside a daily Mathematics lesson, we also have a Maths Meeting (Mathemagicians in KS1) where we keep mathematical knowledge 'ticking over' to ensure understanding and recall is deeply rooted. We understand that it isn't about what we get right, but about what we do when we get something wrong - celebrating mistakes and learning from them is central to our Mathematics teaching and learning. 


Every month, we also take part in a 'Monthly Maths Challenge'. Accessed from children in Reception right through to Year Six, it is inclusive to all and a chance for Maths to be talked about right across the school - children often join together at break times to create something for the Maths Challenge. Entries are celebrated during worship once a month and put onto the website.