Key Stage 2

Here is a list of websites which contain a range of activities for supporting home learning. Some of these websites require you to 'sign up' for an account but most pf these are free at the moment.




BBC Bitesize 

A range of activities for all children in Key Stage 2 covering different mathematical concepts and skills. There are games and quizzes to suit all needs. From April BBC Bitesize will begin to put up daily content to support home learning.


Master the Curriculum

Master the Curriculum is a dedicated website for maths worksheets and resources.  There are a range of resources for children in Key Stage 2 covering a wealth of topics.  To access the free resources, first click on a year group and the click the 'free resources' tab.


Khan Academy

A range of really good instructional videos for all areas of maths. The website is based on the American school 'grade' system but the resources are really good and accessible. 


Prodigy Maths

Another really good website for maths resources and worksheets.  Again uses the American 'grade' system but still good accessible resources. 


Hit the button

A variety of maths games, including timestables, doubling and halving division facts and many more.  Good quick fire mental arithmetic skills in a fun way.



Gareth Metcalf is a primary school teacher and maths consultant.  Each day Gareth will be publishing a series of videos with specific lessons for children.. These lessons will break maths down into small steps and then allow children time to work on some maths problems.  There will be 1 lesson for Years 5 and 6 and 1 lesson for Years 3 and 4.


NRICH - Maths at home

Maths at home brings together of whole range of maths puzzles, challenges and games that you can get stuck into from the comfort of your own home.  You will find a range of resources for all ages as well as solutions to the problems submitted by children from all around the world.




Top Marks

A few interactive games and activities to support with spelling and grammar. Some nice activities for ages 7-11. There are even games for 11-14 years olds if you wish to challenge yourself.


Pobble 365

A fantastic resource to support writing. Each day a new and exciting picture is released to captivate imaginations and stimulate writing.  For each picture there are a range of writing outcomes that could be produced.


The Literacy Shed

Similar to Pobble 365, in that it is a site dedicated to stimulating writing in fun and creative ways.  The Literacy Shed uses videos, as well as pictures, as stimuli for writing and separates them into different categories (adventure, mystery, sport, fairy tales etc).


BBC Bitesize

A range of activities for all children in Key Stage 2 covering different writing and grammatical concepts and skills. There are games and quizzes to suit all needs. From April BBC Bitesize will begin to put up daily content to support home learning


The Reading Realm

A wealth of reading books with suitable comprehension activities to suit all readers no matter age or taste in books.


English Mastery

English Mastery is a website providing support for English reading and grammar.  For each year group you can download 8 weeks worth of worksheets to help support with reading and grammar.  Each worksheet contains a small comprehension exercise and some linked spelling and grammar tasks. There is no registration required.


Oxford Owl Support with English

Great website with activities, worksheets, games and parental advice to help support children in all areas of English from reading to SPAG and writing.


Oxford Owl free e-books

There are a number of great e-books which can be accessed for free, including a few classic fiction novels.You will need to sign up for a free account to access the e-books.


Love Reading 4 Kids

If you a struggling with ideas of what to read next, check out Love Reading 4 Kids.  This site has a wealth of booklists categorised by age range and topic, covering both fiction and non-fiction.  Maybe you'll find a brand new author to love.


Open University Press

The OUP have prepared a whole page of information to support parents in supporting their children reading at home including: why re-reading is important, top ten story-times to enjoy, 7 steps to making reading aloud to children magical, supporting book talk and much more.


Other Subjects


Blockly - Computing

A range of simple computer games that develop knowledge and understanding of computer programming language.


Scratch - Computing

Web based program that allows children to make simple games just by dragging and dropping coded blocks into place.  Great introduction to programming.



National Geographic Kids - Science,Geography

National Geographic is a great website with facts, games and quizzes all about the natural world.  There are some wonderful quizzes here for all ages of children to suit a range of interests.


Mystery Science - Science

Science based lessons. There is currently a free set of lessons in the event of school closure. No account of sign required.  It is based on the US grade system but some really good lessons.  There is the option to sign up for a free account which gives access to more science lessons.


Paw Print Badges - Art/Design/Nature


Free challenge packs and other downloads. The website contains different types of challenges including recycling, Thinking Day, den building and many more. Many activities can be completed indoors or in the back garden. Badges cost but are optional.


Tinkercad - Art/Design and Technology

Develop art, craft and designing skills with these wonderful activities. Allow the creativity flow and see what you can create.


Cooking with Jamie Oliver - Basic Skills

Get the children cooking with tips and recipes from Jamie Olivier. Lots of delicious, easy to make recipes with some videos to help show you how.


Home Learning Packs and General Resources 


BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize have a range of pages for all sorts of subjects with good advice and activities for each. You could even start to learn a new language.



Twinkl have produced some really good free resources for different parts of the curriculum to help and support your home learning.  There are also some really good tips and advice for parents as well.


Home Learning Packs

If you run out of ideas, there are some free home learning packs from the following websites. You will need to sign up for an account but these are currently free.


Robinhood MAT

Another primary school has shared their home learning ideas.  There are loads of projects and activities to do here.


Youth Sport Trust

Some great free resources to keep children active at home during school closures. From PE home learning to 60 second challenges, you'll find a wealth of resources to keep children fit and healthy and energised over this period of closure.


Coronavirus - A Book For Children
A free to download, information book explaining the Coronavirus to children, illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler.


PSHCE - Harold the Giraffe

The children have always loved seeing Harold the Giraffe coming into school and explaining how we can look after ourselves.  There are now a number of home learning ideas that you can try at home that involve Harold.


Mental Well-being

The charity Mind have produced some resources to support with health and well-being during this period.


Virtual Tours

Family Days Out Tried and Tested have complied a list of worldwide museums, galleries and famous tourist attractions where you can take free virtual tours.  Take a trip to France to see the Eiffel Tower, or watch the Rhino's at Huston Zoo. Check out Buckingham Palace, The Natural History Museum or even The British Museum. There is something for every interest and age-group. 


Tate Kids - Art

The Tate Modern Gallery have produced a wonderful website full of art and craft ideas based on their famous exhibitions.  There is also a virtual tour by Jacqueline Wilson.  Some really good inspiration for all sorts of activities can be found.


VE Day

Friday 8th May is VE Day, the day we celebrate Victory in Europe during World War 2.  This year is the 75th anniversary of VE day.  There are a number of resources available to support learning and understanding this very important time in our history. Here are a few really good websites.