Key Stage 2

Evie's Erosion Poem!

Read this awesome poem Evie wrote about erosion, inspired by a BBC Bitsize video!

Emily and Sophie Dive Under the Sea!

Emily and Sophie had a busy time exploring under the sea! They researched the oceans, created mind maps, learned facts about sea creatures and created their own documentary to share their knowledge. Amazing effort! 

George and Lara were inspired by J Vincent Scarpace and created these beautiful sea creatures!

Archie's impressive moon buggy!

Lockdown?  What lockdown?  Lily has been hanging with the sloths in the rainforest this week.  
Bailey has been very creative with his home activities in recent weeks!  He's learned all about crystals (and even managed to mine some), completed lots of cooking activities, including making his own pizzas, and even found time to create his own PE trail on the pavement outside. For some extra fun, he set up a bowling alley in the kitchen (super maths!) and made an erupting volcano!  Lovely home learning Bailey!
Bailey has also been busy giving his favourite scooter a makeover.  After riding it for 7 years it was looking a bit tired so he decided to spruce it up and learn some new skills. He learnt how to get rid of rust, sanding, spray painting and how to take it all apart and put it back together again. What a super project Bailey!
Another wonderful book review live on the Amazon website! Isabel wrote a super review for 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell, a fantastic adventure story set in the Amazon rainforest and highly recommended for Y5&6.   Well done Isabel, we're really pleased you enjoyed this so much!
Lily and her family have had a very creative few weeks!  They have enjoyed tie dyeing, baking, painting rainbows and have made pasta jewellery, Easter bonnets and their own playdough.  Great ideas girls!
George has been working hard revising key Maths topics like the 4 operations and telling the time. He has also been creating stories and exploring some new texts. Well done George, Miss Jones is really impressed with your hard work. Keep it up! 
Sienna has written a wonderful review for the book 'A Place Called Perfect' and posted it on the Amazon website for the world to see!  Mrs Wheatcroft was very excited to see this!  Well done Sienna for such a confident and well-written review.
Casey has been measuring and tracking her shadow throughout the day. Making excellent use of the sunny weather Casey, well done!