Helping Others

Helping Hands



Year 2 teacher Miss Corbett was so impressed with a small group of boys in her class that she brought them to see Mrs Johnson, Head of School.  They had had the idea to form a club, but not just to have fun by themselves.  Called Helping Hands, their aim is to help children make friends and enjoy themselves in the playground.  One of the boys even made some badges at home for the club members to wear so others know they are willing to help.  Mrs Johnson was enormously proud of their thoughtfulness. Well done boys!


Helping Others

The school and its children support many charities over the year. 

The Harvest Festival produce and goods are donated to the local Food Bank. We have a permanent box in the school entrance for donations to the food bank and for the first time we have had a reverse Advent Calendar in the run up to the end of the Christmas term where children can bring in items for the food bank.


The children buy poppies and poppy related-merchandise in huge numbers for the British Legion Poppy Appeal each year. Two of our Y6 children take part in the town's Remembrance Day ceremony, laying a wreath on behalf of the school. Every year, the children  support the work of The Children's Society by filling Christingle collecting boxes with small change.

We have had an enormous response to our recent sponsored Readathon, with families and friends giving generously to the charity which donates books to children in hospitals.


Sometimes our children are motivated to organise events to raise money for things closer to home. A group of girls in Year 5 organised and ran a cake stall to raise funds for playthings for the playgrounds.



For further information on the work of some of the charites we support do click on the links below: