Autumn Term


Today we had our landing day to finish our topic ‘Explorers’. We went on an explorers walk around Winchombe following a map and using a compass to find north, east, south and west. We had a great time walking around Winchcombe and we saw lots of interesting sights!

We got back to school we tried some food that Edward Wilson would have taken to the South Pole. We had Spam, Currants and Condensed Milk. There were mixed reviews! We talked about the types of food they would have eaten and why they were mainly in tins or dried.

We had a great day finishing our exciting topic.


Today we had the lovely Marianne and Amanda from the kitchen come to year one to do some cooking with us. 

We made an autumn soup together using carrots, potatoes and butternut squash. The first thing we did was talk about germs and why it is important to wash our hands before we prepare food. 

Then we all had a go at chopping, peeling and grating the vegetables to prepare them for cooking.  We all did this brilliantly, taking turns and sharing with our team. Here are some pictures:

Autumn Art


Today we went on an Autumn walk around school collecting leaves. We found some beautiful leaves with different colours and different patterns. We choose big leaves, small leaves, straight leaves and round leaves so that we had a selection. Then we used the leaves to create amazing patterns  using paints. We experimented to see which side of the leaf gave the best print. 

Today in art we made some beautiful collage penguins. We thought carefully about the colours of a penguin and worked hard to decorate a template. We did an amazing job. 

October 24th

Today we finished our letters as Edward Wilson and posted them home to ourselves! Expect to see some post soon! 

October 23rd

Today we were exploring the properties of 3d shapes. We printed the 3d shapes using paint onto paper to see what 2d faces they had. For example we discovered that cubes have 6 square faces. 


Outdoor maths

Today for our 'math-magicians'  session we went outside armed with chalk and a 100 square. 

We worked in teams to write out number lines counting in 2's, numbers lines 1-30 and odd and even numbers.

We then used the 100 square that is on the playground and played some number games. We had to jump to the right number. 

Outdoor Learning

Edward Wilson Artefacts!

Today we explored some items that belonged to Edward Wilson. We looked at:

  • Walking poles he used
  • His snow shoes
  • His glasses
  • His toothbrush
  • Some of his paintings
  • His tie press
  • His pocket watch

We had to think about what the item was, what it would of been used for and what it was made from.

We had some brilliant discussion. Especially about the tie press!


Water Colours

Today we explored painting with water colours. We have been studying the explorer Edward Wilson. On his journey to the South Pole he painted landscapes of the snow and some of penguins using water colours.

We explored using small short strokes to create a wave effect on the paper. We will then add some penguins to our back grounds next week. 

Here are some of our creations. 

Thursday 26th September

WALT: act our Talk for Write using freeze frames.

Today we had a go at creating freeze frames based on our story Lost and found. We started off by referring to our story map. We split the story into 6 sections and created a ‘freeze frame’ to show what was happening at different parts of the story.

Here are our freeze frames!



On Monday the 9th our classroom was invaded by a Polar Bear! There was balloons, fluff and snow everywhere. Year 1 had been left a story called ‘Please bring Balloons’ by Lindsay Ward and a note from the Polar Bear himself asking for balloons. We learned that our new topic is going to be about famous explorers and their adventures all over the world.  We used a collaging technique to cover and decorate our balloons for the Polar bears Party. They were really bright and colourful just like the balloons in the story. We also had a go at sequencing the story to try to remember the beginning, middle and end!

We started to look at the explorer Edward Wilson and his journey across the South Pole. We looked at pictures from his adventure and learned about emperor penguins as they were his favourite animal to study. We are looking forward to learning more about him.

Take off day

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