Autumn Term

First Few Weeks

First Few Weeks 1
First Few Weeks 2
First Few Weeks 3
First Few Weeks 4
First Few Weeks 5

All of the children have been busy learning about our school and their classrooms. They’ve found out about where different rooms are- such as the lunch hall, the playgrounds, the toilets and the office and they have spent lots of time learning our new routines. 


A typical day

At the moment, the children are still learning lots of little routines and are trying their best to follow our 4 classroom Golden Rules:

  • We always look at the person who is talking.
  • We walk around to keep us safe.
  • We use our indoor voices.
  • We sit on our bottoms with our hands in our laps.


A day in Reception looks a little bit like this:

  • Come into school and put our things away in the right place (we’ve got lots to remember!)
  • Find an activity to do.
  • Registers and lunch choices.
  • Phonics – we are learning lots of letters
  • Maths or English
  • Snack time
  • Playtime
  • Maths or English
  • Lunch time
  • Register
  • Topic learning followed by ‘Busy Learning Time’


Busy Learning Time

This is essentially time for children to play. However, very careful consideration is made in order to support and challenge the children in their playful learning. Busy Learning Time (B.L.T) is created with the children’s next steps and interests in mind. There are child-lead and adult lead activities and these are planned according to the curriculum.