Autumn Term

Magical Moments

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The first days of Autumn Term...

At the start of term, we arrived to a messy classroom filled with leaves and a piano sitting on the carpet! At the piano was a book written by David Litchfield called 'The Bear and the Piano'. After holding a book-talk about the story, we decided that the bear had been to visit our classroom. We spent the rest of the day completing activities about the book and looking for other clues left by the bear - these included paw prints outside, bear fluff on the playground and fluffy tails running behind trees! We had a great time exploring this story, especially when we did a P4C discussion about whether the bear should have left the forest (and his friends) to play music for the big city. We are looking forward to getting really stuck into our English learning this year! 

Magical Moments!

Whilst we were about to talk about what our new topic will be ('Magical Moments!') Mrs Relf delivered a letter to us, that had been dug up outside the Year Three classroom. When we opened it, it had been buried since the year 1666 and was written by 'Thomas Farynor'. We then realised that our new topic also involved 'The Great Fire of London'. We were very lucky to have a visit from Sandra, who knows all about the Great Fire of London. She told us the story right from when it was started to when it was put out, as well as what life was like in 1666. We are looking forward to learning more about this time in History and the significant people that were involved in the fire. 

Visit from the Fire Service

Key Stage One had an exciting visit from the fire service. We shared with them everything we knew about the Great Fire of London and had an interesting chat about how the structure of the wooden buildings back then meant that fire spread far more quickly than it would today. We got to have a go inside the fire engine, trying on the heavy equipment that firefighters wear. We also had a go at spraying from the powerful hose - we even got a tiny bit wet from the spray in the air, oops! Some of us commented how this reminded us of the smoke from the Great Fire of London.

Using Quills

During our History lesson, we learned how Samuel Pepys kept a diary and this is one of the only reasons that we know about the Great Fire of London which happened in 1666. We discussed how, in the 17th Century, they wouldn't have had the pens and pencils that we have today. We worked out that they would have used ink to write down their ideas. We had a go at using some quills (feathers) dipped in ink. Some of us really enjoyed using the quills to write but some of us found that it was hard to form our letters carefully! 

Smart Trees Trip

On Monday 3rd December, we were lucky enough to visit Smart Trees Christmas Tree Farm for our school trip. What a magical day we had! It was full of hunting around the Christmas trees (and getting rather muddy!), visiting Father Christmas and the elves, seeing the reindeer, visiting the enormous play park and, of course, not forgetting the fun trailer ride. We had a fantastic time and are now feeling festive ready for the Christmas season.

Designing and building our own 17th Century houses

During our 'Magical Moments' topic, we have learned all about the Great Fire of London. We have explored the fact that the fire spread so quickly because many of the houses had wooden elements and that they were built so closely to one another. Also, many of the roofs were thatched. We used what we know about the style of 17th Century houses to design and build our own replicas using recycled materials. This involved estimating, measuring, trial and error of attaching different materials in different ways and using techniques such as weaving and collage.