Art Challenge

Summer Term 1: David Hockney Spring Challenge

The first of our whole school 'Art Challenges' is inspired by the recent work of David Hockney, which celebrates the beauty of springtime amongst the strangeness and uncertainty we are experiencing.  We are very much looking forward to seeing the beautiful artwork children create at home this term - please do send us photos for sharing!
Do remember they can't cancel the spring (David Hockney, March 2020)
Picture 1

Magnolia Blossom

Sam has created a beautiful picture of a Magnolia tree, using a Magnolia twig and some wonderful painting.  What a fantastic way to start our challenge!  Thank you Sam!

Wooden Sculpture

Dylan has been busy putting his woodwork skills to good use to create a fantastic springtime sculpture! Using elder wood and a selection of tools (under supervision!) Dylan drilled, sawed and whittled to create his beautiful finished design.  A forest school leader in the making!

Springtime Collage

Sofia created a beautiful Springtime collage.  Can you spot the different materials and techniques she has used?  Well done Sofia; what a wonderful picture!

Blossom paintings

George and Lara explored the work of another well known artist, Vincent Van Gogh, by studying his 'Almond Blossom' series of paintings.  They then created their own observational 'Cherry Blossom' paintings using acrylic and watercolour paints.  Well done George and Lara for your beautiful artwork!

Daffodil Garden Pixel Art

Isabel had a fantastic idea of creating art on her computer - just like David Hockney did.  She's completed a wonderful pixelated picture by painting small squares to make an image of daffodils in her garden.  Super work Isabel!

Springtime Flowers

Samuel has made a wonderful springtime painting at home using paints and arranging sticks carefully to make his tree.  Well done Samuel, what a super colourful painting to celebrate spring!

Flower Sculptures

Ellis and Amber dug out the craft box at home and made some flower sculptures.  Amber used pipe cleaners and sweet wrappers to make a bunch of red tulips and Ellis shaped wire then dipped it in Fantasy Film resin to create delicate springtime flowers.  Lovely colourful art!

Rainbow Bag

Rainbow Bag 1
Rather than flowers, Ruby thought of a different element of springtime and drew a wonderful rainbow picture on a fabric bag.  She planned her design first and realised sharpie pens would work much better than paint.  Then she carefully drew her picture and finished it off with the title of her favourite song and a heart to represent love and kindness.  Well done Ruby - this is perfect for the times we are living in today!

Spring Collages

Spring Collages 1

Freddy and Archie have both been busy creating mixed media collages inspired by Spring! Archie has recreated a blossom tree in the garden and Freddy has imagined a new chick snuggled in its nest. What wonderful creations boys!

Blossom Tree

Blossom Tree 1
Ruby has created a beautiful painting of a tree in blossom.  She used acrylic paint and painted onto canvas.  What a stunning painting Ruby; we hope you display it proudly at home!

Digital Spring Flowers

Digital Spring Flowers 1
Mrs Turner enjoyed a calm afternoon creating her own digital art, just like David Hockney. Can you see the subtle variations in colour she used to add definition to her flowers?  Thank you Mrs Turner - a super addition to our gallery!

Spring Painting

Spring Painting 1
Charlotte had a wonderful time creating a beautiful springtime painting.  We love the handprint butterfly Charlotte!  What a wonderful picture to celebrate spring.

Clay Sculpture

Clay Sculpture 1
Clay Sculpture 2
Logan made a super daffodil out of clay.  We love the careful shaping of the petals Logan and are impressed with how you joined the individual parts together to make your final flower.  Great to see the detail of the stamen and stigma there too in the centre of the flower - well done!

Daffodil Art

Daffodil Art 1
Daffodil Art 2
Eleanor has completed two pieces of daffodil artwork.  Her first piece used egg cartons and other cardboard to create a super sculpture.  For her second piece, Eleanor mixed light blue and mauve paint with glitter and glue to paint the sky, then tore pieces of coloured paper to make the daffodil in the foreground. We love your creativity Eleanor!