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A Midwife Crisis - the KS1 Nativity

Our KS1 children put on three performances of their nativity story, A Midwife Crisis for parents in December. The synopis is as follows:

A very busy midwife who never misses an important birth is extremely excited when she hears that a king is about to be born in Bethlehem. She rushes out into the night in search of a shiny golden palace fit for a king. Her donkey Steve doesn’t think he’s ever heard of Bethlehem Palace, but the midwife is in no mood to listen – where else would a king be born?

On reaching Bethlehem, the townspeople, shepherds and kings that they come across haven't heard of Bethlehem Palace either and the midwife starts to panic. However, with the help of some gospel-singing angels and a very bright star, the midwife is led to a humble stable to find the very special baby already waiting for her.