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Georgeham 2017 Diary

MONDAY 9 OCTOBER . . . We've arrived!

We arrived safely and needless to say Year 6 got stuck into the action. Following our arrival, we enjoyed climbing, abseiling, rock pooling and archery. After a hearty supper, you'd have thought it was time for bed...not quite! Year 6 headed out for a night walk to the headland. Hot chocolate was then enjoyed alongside a story (teddies were welcomed!) and THE brownies (thank you!)

At bedtime, the children settled quickly and all slept through. We are just about to enjoy breakfast and prepare ourselves for another busy day. 

TUESDAY 10 OCTOBER . . .Wonderful water adventures & facing fears at the cliff side

What a day! To say we are proud of Year 6 would, I think, be an understatement! 

Our morning was spent in or on water surfing and kayaking. Not deterred by the huge waves, there was lots of success while surfing, with many managing to stand on their board whilst moving (including Miss Jones! See the action shot of her falling!). Those kayaking demonstrated team work and in lots of cases bravery on the water too and the smiles on their faces said everyone loved this activity. 

Following the children making their own packed lunches, we ventured out again. This time, climbing, abseiling, rock pooling and archery were the activities, with all having a chance to explore the ones they didn't do yesterday.

Some truly inspiring resilience and courage was demonstrated by those out climbing and abseiling. We are SO proud of those children who faced their fears and descended down the rock face and scrambled back up - this was by no means an easy thing to do! Discoveries were made in the rock pools with sightings of starfish, crabs and a sea anemone!

After devouring a dinner of sausages & mash, the children are now preparing for their long walk tomorrow and then will be enjoying an evening of outdoor play in the dark. We will then polish off the day with a hot chocolate and a story...not before showers of course! 

WEDNESDAY 11 OCTOBER . . . Our legs are aching! Wet, windy and totally wonderful!

A quick start today to try and make the most of the dry weather for our long walk through Lynton and Lynmouth. All kitted out in our boots, waterproofs and a home-made packed lunch, we all completed an 8.5 mile walk. This wasn't your average stroll but a multi-terrain trek with a VERY steep incline. Once again Year 6 and their incredible perseverance prevailed. Despite A LOT of rain and some quite harsh winds, they made it to the top...and back down...and back up again (this time riding the funicular) and through the Valley of the Rocks, only to be greeted by glorious sunshine...when we were on the bus ride home. You couldn't make it up! 

The drying room is packed to the rafters and the children are now winding down (sort of!) with a film, board games and indoor activities. Another fabulous day! 

THURSDAY 12 OCTOBER  . . . Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday!

If you thought Year 6 might be fatigued today...think again! Following a rather large breakfast (it must have been that little bit of walking they did yesterday) the children headed out for their last activities - this time surfing or kayaking. 

In true Year 6 style, we witnessed more capsizing on the lake and fantastic successes on the surf boards! 

Needless to say, lunch was inhaled upon their return and the drying room once again jam packed! 

Early afternoon was spent outside on the play equipment and followed by jumping in the mini buses and heading for the beach and what a way this was to end our stay in Georgeham.

Glorious sunshine and a cloudless sky greeted us at the beach and made ice creams even more welcome - a stark contrast from the weather yesterday. The whole class relished building sand castles, playing beach games (which included chasing the teachers) and taking part in a sand sculpting competition.

This evening saw a final game of spotlight and a chance for some reflection on the week at The Big Friendly Get Together. 
The final room inspections scores were then delivered by Mrs Pawson but we'll let the children tell you about that (Miss Jones, Mrs Stranack and Mrs Twine demand a recount!) and now the children are getting ready for bed with a drink and their story. 

Tomorrow we head home with mixed emotions. There is a definite excitement about seeing people at home again but this is tinged with a bit of sadness at the thought of leaving this truly beautiful place, having made some wonderful memories! 

See you all soon! X

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