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Spring Term

To Infinity and Beyond!

Click below to download a copy of our curriculum map.

Young Voices 2018

Y5 and Y6 had a fantastic day taking part in Young Voices 2018. To find out more, and to see a gallery of photos, go to the 'News' section of the website (click on the image to take you there).


Take off Day

3-2-1 Blast Off...

In Y5 and Y6 we had a great time investigating, designing and building rockets for our take off day. We found out that rockets weigh hundreds of tonnes at liftoff and that most of this weight is from the fuel it has to carry in order to launch them into space. Most rockets are made up of two or three stages so that once a stage has used up all its fuel it can be separated to get rid of the dead weight.

We then discussed space tourism and everyone designed a rocket that would have features to make it suitable for carrying tourists into space. Once our designs were complete we started the tricky task of building a prototype out of junk modelling materials. Check out the gallery to see how we got on. 


Sketching and Shading Spheres

This term we are producing pictures in the style of Peter Thorpe. We have started by investigating how the use of shading can make a circle look like a sphere in preparation for painting our planets. Mrs Taylor was amazed by the talented artists in Y5. Check out photographs of our work by clicking on the image.


KNEX Challenge

On Friday 9th March, Y5 were busy competing against each other to build the best playground in order to qualify for the KNEX Challenge. The pupils were given a set of criteria which included:

  • Making a playground which would be suitable for different groups of people;
  • Making the equipment stable so that it would be safe;
  • Using at least one mechanism (like a lever or a pulley).

You can see from the photos how amazing the children were at designing and problem solving as they worked together to create their playgrounds.

The finished playgrounds

The finished products created by the children were amazing. Mrs Kelly, who was leading the session, was extremely impressed with the children's creativity, teamworking and thoughtful evaluations. Well done Y5, you were brilliant.

Mother's Day

Year 5 would like to wish their mums a very happy Mother's Day


Crater Crazy Investigation

As part of our Earth and Space topic, Year 5 have been investigating what factors might affect the depth of a Crater on the moon. We looked at factors such as height of drop; the type of surface material our 'asteroids' landed and the size of our 'asteroids'. We recorded our data in table and will be plotting them into charts.

Easter Challenge Wall

Want to keep on learning throughout the Easter Holiday? Click here to access our class Easter Challenge Wall. Numbered from 1 to 14, you will find an online activity for each day of the holidays which you can complete. Good Luck