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Easter Challenge Wall

Want to keep up with your learning over the Easter Holidays? Have a go at our Y5 Easter Challenge Wall - a padlet with daily activities numbered 1 - 14 which go over some of the things we have been learning, or will be learning, in class. 

Click here to access the wall. Don't forget you will need to enter the password that you have been given to get on to it.




This is an excellent website for practising your spellings. It breaks the words down into syllables and helps you to learn how to spell each syllable in turn. Eventually, all the syllables are put together and then you have a go at writing the word from scratch.







A fun way to practise your spellings. I would recommend using the Quizlet tools in the following order:

  1. MATCH - find the matching spelling word quickly
  2. TEST - see if you can copy, match and select the same spelling word
  3. WRITE - copy the words
  4. SPELL - listen to the word and see if you can spell it. Watch the corrections on the screen to help you identify letters you might need to focus on next time
  5. GRAVITY - so you're feeling confident? How quickly can you type your spelling words? Play this game to find out


Maths Padlet

Lots of resources that you can use to practise the things we are covering in class.