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Year 3 & 4 Science/ Design Technology Day: Electricity & Torches

Thursday 13th July was Big Bang Day in Year 3 & 4 – not literally, as that would have been dangerous as we were learning all about electricity!  We started the day sharing what we already knew before checking our knowledge through a variety of tasks and activities. We covered sources of electricity, understanding mains and battery operated appliances and finished the morning building simple circuits. We used the circuits to investigate which materials are insulators and which conduct electricity so that we could include a switch as part of our circuit.

After lunch, we were given a design brief: to design a battery operated torch. The children worked hard using all they had learnt about circuits and switches to make a battery operated torch from individual components. Throughout the process they demonstrated the use of all four learning powers, reciprocity, resilience, resourcefulness and reflection. We were all disappointed when the end of the day arrived, but every child was able to celebrate the learning journey they had enjoyed on Big Bang Day!