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Spring Term


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Year 3 visit the Life Ed Bus

Year 3 Red Visit Gerald...

In Year 3 Red we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon learning about our different organs and the jobs they do.  We also discussed how to stay healthy and look after our bodies. We had visit from Gerald the giraffe and talked about different life skills that we can use in our friendships.

Take Off Day

Rangoli Patterns

Year 3 have started the new year with an explosion of colour and fun! We spent some time looking at Rangoli patterns for our topic, India and then we had a go at designing our own. Once we had finished, we were able to go outside and decorate the playground with our patterns in lots of bright colours like they do in India. We discovered that Rangoli patterns are drawn on the floor outside or near to an entrance to a house to welcome guests, and so we wanted to do the same!  We hope you like our Rangoli patterns ?? Can you spot any lines of symmetry?!