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The Great Fire of London

To kick start our topic of 'Magical Moments' we have begun to look at the Great Fire of London. Sandra visited us in school and brought along lots of objects that related to the event which took place in 1666. 

Some of us got to re-enact being a family who were affected by the fire... whilst some of us had to use wooden buckets to try and put the fire out! 

It was a great way to begin our explorations into this significant event. 

We followed this up the day after by beginning our Great Fire of London 'talk-4-write' in English. However it wasn't just any talk-4-write session. All of a sudden we realised we were back in 1666 and we had to sleep on straw mattresses. We then awoke to the sound of crackling and the sky had lit up with orange flames... we had to get out of the house! We made our way to safety and all was alright. 

Years 1 and 2 Visit to Smart Trees

Years 1 and 2 children enjoyed a festive day out at Smart Trees near Pershore in early December.

The children went on a treasure hunt in the Christmas tree maze.  They dropped coins in the magic well, petted real live reindeer, posted letters to Santa and met the man himself.