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Spring Term


Click below to download a copy of our curriculum map.


Click below to download a copy of our curriculum map.

Take off Day

Down the rabbit hole...


On Tuesday the 9th of January, something out of the ordinary happened. When Years 1 and 2 got to school, they went straight to the hall to watch a clip from Alice in Wonderland! We watched as Alice fell down the rabbit hole and we had a go at doing this as well... we saw lots of interesting things as we fell!

As we walked back to our classroom, we realised that something had happened to our classroom door. Instead of a door, there was a rabbit hole. We decided to crawl through it; it was very exciting.




A tea party...


When we got into our classroom there was a tea party set up with lots of interesting things to look at, eat and drink.

There were three different liquids on the table (tea, a magic potion and fizzy pop) and some biscuits. We used these to conduct an experiment. The question for our experiment was: “Which liquid is best for dunking biscuits?” We made our predictions and hopped to it!

Careful measuring...


We carefully measured out the liquids into funnels to make sure that we had a fair test.

Dunking our biscuits...


We then held the biscuits in the liquids for 5 seconds. When we had counted to five, we looked at how the biscuits had changed. We noticed that the biscuit that was in the tea was very soggy and fell apart! The biscuit that was in the fizzy pop was mushy and the biscuit in the magic potion was still intact. We decided that the best liquid for dunking biscuits was the magic potion because the biscuit did not change. We had an amazing time exploring our new topic of POP, WHIZZ, BANG!