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Spring Term


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Take Off Day

And so it begins...

Year 1’s whacky Whizz Pop Bang topic is in full swing with a range of wonderful science experiments and mysterious adventures.

Our first week of our topic included a mysterious trip down a rabbit hole into the classroom where we were met with an unsual sight- a tea party full of special potions saying ‘Drink Me’, party hats in a range of colours, unusual pictures, teapots, cups and saucers! It was rather bizarre! We asked all sorts of questions about why it was here and what our new topic would be about.


We have begun our investigations...

The first included ‘Which biscuit is the best to dunk in a cup of tea?’ (An important piece of learning, Miss Jones felt…) The children learnt how to create their own predictions. Our next investigation has been based upon careful observation and noticing. The children observed an experiment using baking powder, distilled vinegar and food colouring. It was very exciting!

First, the children made their predictions about what might happen. Then, they observed the ingredients being mixed together. Lastly, they explained what they had noticed including change of colour, slow foaming followed by a rather horrid stench and finally, the mixture overflowing the cup!


Writing our own version of Alice in Wonderland...

In English, we have been learning a shortened version of Alice in Wonderland. The children have been learning to tell the story verbally (Talk for Write method) and created their own story maps to help them remember the order of the story.

We have been thinking about characters such as the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter and Alice and learning about adjectives which describe these characters. The children were very honest when describing each one!


Partitioning our numbers...

In Maths we have been continuing our learning of partitioning (splitting one and two-digit numbers in a variety of ways). We have been using a part part-whole method and counters to work these out for a range of numbers.

Tea Party Fun!

Our Tea Party Celebration...

As a celebration of the learning that has taken place so far during our topic Whizz Pop Bang, we finished this half-term with a special tea party! We learnt the etiquette of how to sit at the table, hold our cups carefully, use beautiful manners and enjoy conversation with our friends. We had pretend tea (orange and blackcurrant squash) from the tea pots as well as some scrumptious treats! A really great time was had by all!

Well done for your hard work Year 1!


Fiction and Non-Fiction Texts...

In English we have been learning to find the key similarities and differences between fiction and non-fiction texts. We spent time comparing a range of books from our classroom to discover what these were and worked with our learning partner using our detective skills.


Strategies to support multiplication...

Over the last week, we have been learning a variety of ways to show multiplication by using repeated addition to help us as a starting point. We know that multiplication is just repeated addition (lots and lots of adding!) Here is what we have found out…

Woodland Wonderland Adventure!

On Wednesday 7th February we visited the Dean Heritage Centre in the Forest of Dean. We had a wonderful adventure on the coach and arrived to glorious sunshine. We started our day visiting the woods and taking part in a woodland search. We also had a go at creating art work using the natural resources available to us. We warmed up in the Lodge for lunch, followed by a discovery walk to the old Cottage (1900s). We finished with a stroll through the deep, dark wood on the Gruffalo Trail to the adventure playground where the children tested their strength, balance and fitness skills climbing, swinging and having lots of fun!

We are very proud of how wonderfully they all showed their values and excellent learning behaviours. Well done everyone!