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Autumn Term

Magical Moments

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Smart Trees Trip

On Monday 3rd December, we were lucky enough to visit Smart Trees Christmas Tree Farm for our school trip. What a magical day we had! It was full of hunting around the Christmas trees (and getting rather muddy!), visiting Father Christmas and the elves, seeing the reindeer, visiting the enormous play park and, of course, not forgetting the fun trailer ride. We had a fantastic time and are glad we got to post our letters to Santa! 

On Wednesday we had a delivery to our classroom, it was a return letter from Santa! We are now feeling festive and ready for the Christmas season. 


We have had so much fun this term riding the balance bikes. We have learnt lots of new skills and our balance has improved so much!

Christmas Kindness

Today we had a discussion about why Christmas time is special and what we love about this time of year. Miss Mackenzie was so pleased when we mentioned that spending time with our family was more important than the presents we receive. 

We talked about how it was important to spread 'Christmas kindness' and to make people smile. With that in mind, Miss Mackenzie explained that there is a little girl called April who is 4 years old who needs our help. Unfortunately she is very poorly and her one Christmas wish is to receive as many Christmas cards as possible! We thought we would try to make her wish come true by making her a card each. We hope our Christmas kindness will make her smile ?? We all loved her pink hair! Here are some pictures of us making her cards. 

Wellness Week

We have had a wonderful week thinking about what wellness means. We went to the following workshops:

  • Yoga
  • Healthy Eating and Nutrition
  • Mindfulness Colouring
  • Drawing to music

We found it very relaxing and enjoyed spending time thinking about ourselves and our feelings.

Great Fire of London Visitor

Whilst we were about to talk about what our new topic will be ('Magical Moments!') a letter to us, that had been dug up outside the office. When we opened it, it had been buried since the year 1666 and was written by 'Thomas Farynor'. We then realised that our new topic also involved 'The Great Fire of London'. We were very lucky to have a visit from Sandra, who knows all about the Great Fire of London. She told us the lots of details about what happened from start to finish, as well as what life was like in 1666. We even got a chance to look at some of the objects that were found at the Great Fire of London! We are super excited to learn more about it and have written down what we want to find out this term. 

Visit from the Fire Service

Our topic this term has been the Great Fire of London. We have absolutely loved learning all about it, when it happened, why it happened and what we have learnt from it. We now know that the Great Fire of London is why we have the fire service today.

We had a very special visit from the fire service who brought their fire engine with them for us to explore. We were able to go in the fire engine and put on hats and we got to spray water from the hose! We almost sprayed Miss Palmer!

We now understand why the fire service is so important and why they are there to help us. We know who and how to call them if we ever need to.

Great Fire of London Cakes

Today we had a very important letter delivered to the classroom! A Newspaper article had been found and it had information about the Great Fire of London. It said that the fire DID start in Thomas' bakery, but it wasn't because of the bread... it was because of his famous Great Fire of London Cakes! As we are looking at recipe writing, we thought we would follow the recipe in the Newspaper and have a go at following instructions.

We got quite messy with the flour and it was very sticky! We are excited to try them at home. ??

Harvest Soup Making

Year 1 had a wonderful afternoon preparing some vegetables for our harvest soup. Marianne taught us some important skills so that we can prepare the vegetables safely. We had a go at grating carrots, cutting butternut squash and peeling carrots with a peeler! 

Marianne then cooked all the lovely vegetables we had prepared and made it into a delicious soup for us to try. Most of us loved the soup, a few of us were not sure! We also read a story called Stone Soup which talked about sharing and working as a team when cooking.