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The Great Fire of London

In October, we took part in a magnificent workshop which taught us all about the events surrounding the Great Fire of London. 

We learnt lots of new information about the event. 

  • Where the fire started and how it started. 
  • Why the fire spread so quickly and what eventually caused it to stop. 
  • The way people lived in 1666 and how it shares similarities and differences with the way we live today. 

We had lots of fun dressing up and playing different characters, as well as going on an archaeological dig!

The workshop has been and will continue to be followed by a number of 'Talk-4-Write' sessions which further explore this fascinating moment in history via the use of actions, language and expression amongst many other things.

Years 1 and Two Visit to Smart Trees December 2016

Children in Years 1 and 2 enjoyed a wonderful festive visit to Smart Trees, near Pershore in early December. 

The children went on a treasure hunt in the Christmas tree maze.  They dropped coins in the magic well, petted real live reindeer, posted letters to Santa and met the man himself.