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Reception Visit to Stanway Water Mill

In Reception we have been learning the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ this term and wanted to find out more about how bread was made. On Tuesday 31 January, our two Reception classes had a very exciting trip to Stanway Water Mill to see how flour is made. The children met Mike at the mill who explained that flour comes from wheat and he showed the children the different ways that people have ground wheat to make flour over the years. The children had a go at trying to grind wheat by hand but it was really hard work!

We had a really good look at the water mill to see how it worked; it was very interesting. We followed the stream through the orchard to the pond where the water collects and then saw what happened when the dam was opened. The water rushed through and turned a huge wheel at the mill which then turned the big stones to grind the flour. The flour came through the chute into bags which Mike collected. At the end of our trip the children were each given a bag of flour to bake with at home and some flour to use at school. We have already baked our flour into delicious bread.